I'm New Here


Thank you for coming to our page to see what our fellowship might look like on a Sunday Morning.

Many folks may be a little intimidated when it comes to visiting a church for the first time. Hopefully at the end of this article you will feel like we have answered the bigger questions for you in advance.

How big is your church? on average we are around 350-400 on any given Sunday

Do you have a dress code?
No. In our church you will see anything from suits to jeans. Dress in what you are comfortable in and of course we do encourage modesty.

What kind of music should I expect to hear/sing? We sing contemporary praise and worship songs as well as some hymns. Our Worship Teams use instruments like piano/keyboard, guitars, drums, trumpet, harmonica, mandolin, etc. Not all of these instruments are played each Sunday. It is to the discretion of the Worship Team Leader.

Do you have children's programs during the Worship Service? Yes, we run our Children's Church program for children ages 1-grade 6. This program does not currently run long weekends or during the summer months.

We offer Adult Sunday School at 9:30am, prior to the Worship Service. Childcare is not provided.

What else might I expect?

  • you will likely be greeted by someone at the door
  • ushers will guide you to a seat if you so wish
  • while we run our Children's Ministries Program during the Worship Service we ask that you and your children join us in the sanctuary first. children will be dismissed after corporate Worship to the Children's Programming
  • all of our volunteers that are in contact with minors have our Plan to Protect training
If you have any further questions you would like answers to please do not hesitate to shoot us a email through our CONTACT page