Volunteer Coordinator


Administration Support

Part Time Role Proposal



To support our volunteers, making their experience easier and more enjoyable. To reach more families and make it easier for people to get involved in service at Westpointe Community Church


To steward over 175 children ages 1-11, and over 90 Children’s Ministry volunteers, more administrative support is needed. As we experience growth with it comes the need to take care of the new families who are finding a home at Westpointe Community Church. Currently to administrate our Children’s Ministries Programs, 40-50 hours per month are being spent in service in the areas of Plan to Protect, Planning Center, Registrations, Check-Ins and Volunteer Application/Processing.

Job Description:

  • Provide administrative leadership and direction.
  • Develop and direct programming in line with the ministry's overarching goals.
  • Develop and implement community outreach.
  • Recruit and train volunteers. Application process includes; ensuring forms are given out and returned in a timely manner, picking up Criminal Record Checks, sending out reminders via email, text or follow up in person.  Merging information into Planning Center.
  • Plan to Protect: Keeping up on newest recommendations, updating our forms, handbooks and course materials.  Limiting liabilities, creating policies and procedures.  Scheduling courses, running online refresher course.  Ensuring confidentiality of all information collected!
  • PLANNING CENTER: Making events, entering new registrations, volunteer data, setting up church stations including on personal devices, controlling access and timing to events, assisting with check ins, training volunteers on system, support for all volunteers, evaluating system to run at its best. Ensuring weekly that all Check Ins are being done properly, following up on workflows (Registrations, PTP approval), emailing, texting, calling. Continued training on system as it develops.
  • Beginning process of scheduling all Children’s Ministries Volunteers into online system.


Proposed Hours:

  • 10 hours a week in Office, Home Office and including Sunday.
  • Cost for 1 year.  Training/partial salary. 10 hours/week. $16,500.00 (Approx $1375/month)


Immediate Office Needs:

Computer (Desktop): $1800

Stationery supplies: $200



  • We are proposing an immediate appointment with a start date that will be decided on at the meeting.  This position would be reviewed and evaluated in Spring 2020. Depending on results of review/evaluation, this position would then be considered permanent and at that time open it up for applications.